For Entrepreneurs (Members):

Gobbiz helps service-industry entrepreneurs create instant, easy-to-use websites to showcase their services.

Creating and managing a Gobbiz site does not require any technical knowledge and is as easy as composing an email.

No need to purchase a domain, find and hire a designer, webmaster or hosting company.

Join FREE and have your site live on the web in minutes.

  1. Create a FREE Gobbiz account.
  2. Login.
  3. Add and edit your content.
  4. Instantly publish your site to the web.

Members have full control over their sites and can edit and update them anytime by logging into their Gobbiz account.

Gobbiz sites are searchable and viewable to the public on Gobbiz.com under the industry, keywords and location members choose.

Gobbiz sites can also be accessed directly by typing the sites' unique Gobbiz url (gobbiz.com/yourgobbizID) into the address bar of any internet browser.

Additionally, Gobbiz sites are automatically indexed by major search engines providing optimal visibility for Gobbiz members.

For Consumers:

Gobbiz.com provides instant and direct access to local service professionals.

Looking for an auto mechanic, barber, hair stylist, locksmith, bartender, make up artist, consultant, dj, handyman, notary, photographer, limo driver, tutor, tattoo artist...?

Consumers can browse the Gobbiz community to easily and instantly find local service professionals.