Safety Tips

For Members:

Never post information you would like to keep private like personal phone numbers, home address, your place of employment or any other information that you do not want people to have. Remember that everyone can see your Gobbiz page, so only post information that is pertinent to the service you provide.

Always get written approval of any work to be done and agreed upon price from clients prior to beginning any project.

Whenever possible, ask for payment through guaranteed funds, especially with first time customers. Paypal and other online credit card processing companies are safe and easy ways for you to be able to accept payment instantly. This offers additional convenience for both you and your clients.

Ask for a deposit or down payment when doing large projects.

Post samples of your work as well as references on your Gobbiz page whenever possible. This gives potential customers added confidence in your capabilities.

Ask customers to post a review of your service once the project is completed to help build your reputation on Gobbiz and on the web in general.  You can link accounts you have with online review websites to your Gobbiz page to make potential clients feel more comfortable aquiring your services.

For Consumers:

Always practice smart consumerism and due diligence when choosing a service provider.

Although most Gobbiz members will post samples and customers' reviews of their work on their Gobbiz page, always feel free to ask for additional samples of work and references.

Most service providers will require some sort of down payment to start a project, however, never pre-pay the entire price of a project up front.

Use Paypal or other credit card forms of payment whenever possible. Most credit cards will offer some level of protection for buyers.

* Check with the issuing bank of your credit card for more info.

Leave feedback that accurately describes the quality of service you received from Gobbiz members. This helps everyone choose reliable service providers.